Why Thailand, you ask?

Rada, Steve and the orchids

You’re not the first, nor the second, nor the 122nd.

This blog should answer your question, and many others you didn’t even ask. It’s meant to keep in touch with our far away friends. It’s a log of our journey. We hope to look back, laugh, and learn from it. It should help others learn from our mistakes.

We are leaving in 2 weeks for our first trip to our new home – our condo in Chiangmai, Thailand.


Chiang Mai, founded 1296, population 150K, used to be the capital of the Lanna Kingdom until 1558. It’s nestled in the mountains of Northern Thailand, so it’s closer to Burma and Laos than it is to Bangkok, Phuket and the famous beaches. It’s ancient, exotic, busy and walkable. The best three things about Chiang Mai are:

  1. The food.
  2. The people.
  3. The weather.
  4. The prices.

I know, I know, but I just couldn’t stop. But more about Chiang Mai later.

For now, we’re figuring out what to take with us, what to leave behind, and how to hold it together in the months to come – what to do about the mail, about the snow, about the doctor’s visits – you get the idea. Our passports got stuck somewhere at the Thai Embassy, waiting for a visa. The dog and the cat are looking forward to their winter Buffalo vacation. The cat is already packed.

Paxil, self packed. That’s what cats do.

Our son Tim is looking forward to a winter without us. The cat (our old, deaf Paxil) and the dog (our lovely limping Gypsy Rose Lee) are enough for him to deal with.

As for us, we are wondering if we should take the crutches and the boot (Steve’s), the guitar (Steve’s), the tools (Steve’s), or just the Motrin, the coffee, the credit card and the money belt (Rada’s).

That’s it for now. Keep in touch and spread the word. We look forward to hearing from you. What interests you?

We, The Joneses.